Data is one of the most critical assets of an organization. As data sets grow, organizations will have an increasingly difficult time keeping track of their data, managing the sea of products that make up their data infrastructure environment, deriving value from their data, and optimizing their storage. IDC research has consistently shown that enterprise storage systems continue to grow exponentially, expanding at a five-year CAGR of 30.9%.

TrueNAS is award-winning, enterprise-grade unified storage providing enterprise-grade, fast performance for file read and write operations across all block or file protocols. It packs powerful enterprise features for less than the basic model price of most competitors.

TrueNAS Eliminates Post Production Bottlenecks for Clockwork 9 (Customer Testimonial)

We leverage our deep expertise in storage and distributed systems and build customized NAS on new/refurbished, branded/unbranded or stock Hardware. This provides massive cost savings with superb performance as we certify the performance on the chosen H/W configuration.

We also have the capability to provide enterprise support in case of large volumes.