Who we are

Fundamentally, we are software engineers. We have built products on storage, data and cloud. We have been a part of the industry since the time real oil was gold. Remember those 1.44/1.2 MB floppy disks ? A box of 25 of those was needed to install a SCO open server. We have sharpened our skills by working on some of the most cutting edge products of storage industry viz File Systems, Volume managers, Clusters.

While the world is going gung-ho about cloud computing and what not, we know our basics. Hence we are at home with cool technologies too.

We are a bunch of seasoned professionals in the storage industry. We are passionate about storage and solving problems that make a lasting difference to not just an organization but to the society at large.


What we do

We build our solutions around world-class, cutting edge technologies to ensure your data is well managed, protected, processed and analyzed. We create solutions for on-premise infrastructure, for cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud.

While we revolve our solutions around commercial products, our heart beats for open source. If you are interested to get your work done on open source projects, we would love to work with you or collaborate with you.


Empowering an organization to innovate, invent and inspire by making managing, transforming, and analyzing their data.


  • We are transparent, honest and upfront.
  • We honour our word. We do what we commit.
  • We are people centric. We place people and their well-being before anything else.
  • If you are not happy with our work, don’t pay us. We will return your advance too.