Most customers misunderstand Gsuite as just an emailing solution. Nothing can be far from the truth. Gsuite is a suite of 19 applications. It is an office productivity and collaboration software which consist of every tool that one needs to bring a transformation in office productivity and collaboration.

Google has exposed many APIs through which Gsuite behaviour can be customized to meet respective needs of businesses. We can write customized tools to cater to your specific use case.

More details about Gsuite can be found at:

Google Cloud Platform

AWS has gained a huge market share but we assert that the infrastructure on which Google Cloud runs is unmatched. Google has its own network of undersea fibre optics cable spread across the planet. 10 products with 1Billion users run on that infrastructure. Furthermore, some of the technologies that are the bulwark of the computing industry has been developed on the infrastructure that Google has developed. To name a few, Hadoop, Kubernetes, Android, Tableau are taking the computing world by storm.

We migrate your workloads from VMware/HyperV/KVMs to GCP.
We are focussing our efforts on mastering Anthos and providing seamless integration with Kubernetes, GCP and on-premise network.