Data Management is simply the deployment of tools and technologies to manage your data. Effective management of data helps organizations stay ahead of the curve. Organizations who have managed their data efficiently are 44% more capable of innovation. They can launch new products and services 37% more successfully. This involves following activities:

Tier based data storage

Data is gold. However not every data needs to be treated in the same way. While some data is critical and important and should always be available and hence protected, some data can be archived.

We build tier-based storage solutions using proprietary or open source technologies, on-premise,cloud or hybrid. We evaluate your IO performance needs and design storage systems accordingly. We also optimize your existing storage infrastructure.

A carefully designed storage solution leads to huge cost savings.

Backup and Restore

We need not emphasise more on the need to protect data. We bring in modern data protection which goes a little beyond traditional data protection. In modern data protection, your backed up is not a liability but a huge resource to run your devops, analytics and testing workloads.

Automated Replication / Disaster recovery

DR and replication solutions allow organizations to run operations in the event of a geographical disaster. We build a solid and robust disaster recovery solution.

Data security

The Importance of data security is clearly established. If your organization stores sensitive data on-premise or on cloud, it is essential to protect it with strong encryption with user managed keys. With our cutting edge enterprise class encryption and KMS solution, we ensure your data is never compromised.